Update 2023: Muhammad Asadullah has been recognized as (youngest) Exceptional Global Talent in the field of Digital Technology and Innovation by the UK Govt. Details here: Announcement via LinkedIn Post!

Muhammad Asadullah, a first-gen CS graduate, an IT professional, and PMI Certified Project Manager has dedicated himself to his passion for digital IT and has already accomplished much in his career. He is the first-ever young IT professional from Pakistan to be recognized as a Future Leader by McKinsey & Company – the trusted advisor and counsellor to many of the world’s most influential businesses and institutions. Currently working as a Project Delivery Manager at Rich Technologies.

In addition to his successful career, Asadullah is a passionate entrepreneur with innovative startup ideas, a desire to positively impact the IT ecosystem, and innovation with unique solutions and products. This drive has earned him a spot in prestigious global startup and entrepreneurial programs such as YC Startup School Cohort, The Founder Institute, Katalyst Labs, Atlas Service Corps, AWS Activate Founders, and Microsoft for Startups Founder’s Hub.

However, Asadullah’s accomplishments don’t stop there – on his latest birthday (2022), along with his twin brother, he founded the world’s first nonprofit foundation and social enterprise for twins and multiples all around the world, called Twins Club and Foundation Global. Also, he is running the world’s first community for families of twins and multiples. His dedication to philanthropy and desire to positively impact the world make him one of Pakistan’s heroes.

Recently, Asadullah has been selected as the judge for the global CODiE Awards, called “The Oscars of the Tech Industry“. Since 1986 the SIIA (Sofware & Information Industry Association) CODiE Awards have honoured top companies, products, and people as leaders in innovation and excellence. Not only this but he also got selected for Stevie Awards 2023 (World’s Premier Business Awards). He is the youngest in Pakistan to be selected for such prestigious global programs.

Asadullah is also a dedicated volunteer, working actively with the UN SDGs and serving as National President of the UK-based non-profit, We Make Change Global. Its goal is to provide equal rights and quality education to all, helping individuals contribute to society with knowledge and unique skills. He has mentored over 5,000 students and young IT professionals nationally, making himself available and accessible to students and helping them build successful careers and make a positive impact. He has been invited as a speaker at national and international forums such as Microsoft, Google Developers, and CxO Global Forum.

Recent Talks & Events: Lead the Lancers @CxO, Data Science and AI @Microsoft, Google’s Coding Competition 2021, Google Solution Challenge 2023

In addition to his professional and philanthropic endeavours, Asadullah is also the founder of the “Google Developers Community Pakistan“, one of the largest tech and developers community networks in Pakistan. Focused on organizing IT events, summits, conferences, expos, hackathons, workshops, and more to bring together developers across the country. The community also acts as a platform for developers to showcase their projects, startup ideas, and tech-related initiatives and get feedback from peers and industry leaders. Provides an opportunity for developers to share their knowledge, collaborate on projects, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the IT industry. He is also the founder of “Asana Community Pakistan”, Asana Partner and Forum Leader at Asana, providing professional consulting and training services to corporate companies and startups, C-suite professionals including CEOs, CTOs, and CDOs to transform their IT companies digitally with the help of the right solutions to enhance their productivity and creativity.

Work Summary:

I offer a blend of hands-on project management experience, technical acumen, and a firm commitment to excellence. My professional journey through various IT project management roles has equipped me with the essential skills and qualities. I’ll take this opportunity to outline my work experience:

Work Experience:

Rich Technologies Limited (Project Delivery Manager):

My tenure at Rich Technologies Limited allowed me to lead a talented team IT professionals through a transformative journey. By integrating cutting-edge practices, including Agile and SCRUM methodologies, I achieved measurable improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, and cybersecurity. My collaborative approach fostered a thriving team culture, enhancing engagement and reducing turnover, proving my ability to adapt strategies to real-world scenarios.

Confiz Limited (Project Coordinator):

As a Project Coordinator at Confiz Limited, I orchestrated cross-functional teams, managing comprehensive portfolio management, and delivering high-quality ERP and MS Dynamics 365 solutions. My ability to trim project costs and expedite delivery timelines underscores my knack for innovation and leadership. My promotion to Project Coordinator in just two months testifies to my diligence, flexibility, and negotiation skills.

Dev Resources (Project Manager):

Leading a diverse team at Dev Resources, I implemented Agile and SCRUM practices, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. My ability to mentor and organize professional training increased team satisfaction and client contentment. These experiences have honed my adaptability, clear communication, and alignment with industry standards.

Skills and Certifications:

My certifications, including PMI CAPM, ISO 9001, Six Sigma White Belt, and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, speak to my commitment to continuous learning and adherence to best practices. I also possess specialized skills in areas such as Blockchain, Asana, and Microsoft, positioning me as a versatile and future-ready professional.

Recognition and Memberships:

My recognition as a “UK Exceptional Global Talent” in digital technology, coupled with memberships in PMI, CxO Global Forum, and various tech communities, illustrates my standing within the industry and dedication to staying connected and informed.

Judging and Volunteer Experience:

My experience as a judge for prestigious awards such as Stevie and active contributions to platforms like Stack Overflow add a unique dimension to my profile, reflecting my passion for technology and commitment to community engagement.

Global Talent (Digital Technology):

As a recognized Exceptional Global Talent, I believe my rich work experience, certified skills, professional memberships, and volunteer contributions offer compelling evidence of my suitability for tech roles. My ability to lead teams, deliver innovative solutions, and engage with the broader tech positions me as an ideal candidate.

Lahore, Pakistan x London, United Kingdom:

I am from Lahore, Pakistan and after migration, I am living in London, United Kingdom. My sports hobbies are football, cricket, tennis and chess.

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Asana Expert, Agile Project Management, Startup Enthusiast, Digital Transformation Consultant, Career Coach

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My LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/asadravian

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Summary of Career Journey:

– Project Delivery Manager @ Rich Technologies Limited (IT Company)

– Nonprofit Founder (with his twin brother): Twins Club & Foundation Global

– Featured as the Future Leader by McKinsey & Company (first-ever from Pakistan)

– Recipient of Intel® Edge AI Scholarship Program & Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship

– Microsoft Ambassador

– Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator

– Google Developers Club Lead (check: https://g.dev/asad1)

Amazon (AWS) Community Builder (check: official directory)

– PMI Certified Member

– Certified Six Sigma White Belt

– Asana Services Partner & Certified Pro (youngest-ever globally)

– Miro Ambassador and User Group Leader for Pakistan

– ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Associate™

– Volunteer at We Make Change Global, United Nations SDGs

– Judge at CODiE Awards 2023 (The Oscars of the Global Tech Industry), youngest ever from Pakistan

– Judge at Stevie Awards 2023 (World’s Premier Business), youngest ever from Pakistan

– Founder of Google Developers Community Pakistan, one of the largest tech and developers community networks in Pakistan

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